Contest Information

Contest Information

Local land surveyors in your community and throughout the state sponsor the Trig-Star contests. Therefore, there is no registration fee required for the students to participate.

  • The competition is sanctioned nationally by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) and administered at the local level by the North Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors (NDSPLS).
  • All contestants must begin the exam at the same time.
  • The test is a timed exam. The completion time for each individual will be recorded on the exam and will be used in the case of identical scores, with the quickest completion time being the tie breaker.
  • The winner will be the student with the highest score in the fastest time to the problems provided. The contest incorporates the use of complex trigonometric functions including right triangle formulas, the law of sines, and the law of cosines to solve real problems typical of those encountered in the surveying ad mapping professions.
  • The use of calculators, textbooks, and notes is allowed. Students will need a calculator capable of trig functions, however the use of calculators with coordinate geometry and/or triangle solution programs is strictly forbidden. If student shave these programs loaded in their calculators they will need to be deprogrammed prior to arriving for the exam.
  • The maximum amount of time allowed for the testing is sixty (60) minutes.
    NDSPLS members will provide a demonstration of surveying instruments and surveying procedures at the local test sites while test administrators score the exams.
  • The top three contests will be awarded prizes at both the local and state level.
  • The top finisher at the state level will be advancing to the national contest.

Local Awards

  • 1st Place: $100
  • 2nd Place: $75
  • 3rd Place: $50

State Awards

  • 1st Place: $200
  • 2nd Place: $150
  • 3rd Place: $100

National Awards

National awards provided by the National Society of Professional Surveyors Richard E. Lomax National Trig-Star Scholarships and Teaching Excellence Awards.

  • 1st Place: $2,000 scholarship
  • 2nd Place: $1,000 scholarship
  • 3rd Place: $500 scholarship

For more information contact:
Jeff Jelinek, TrigStar Chair